How to Clean a Dog Carrier Properly

Amongst all dog owners, about 80%  use dog carrier for carrying their dog. This makes both you and your dog comfortable for a journey. But Dog carrier has a little bit problem. Carrier becomes dirty very fast. So it should be cleaned in a regular process. Otherwise, it becomes unhygienic which is harmful to both you & your dog. There is a few reason for why carrier become dirty so quick. First of all dog has floating fur and muddy paws which make carrier dirty. Secondly sometimes dog pee and poop inside the carrier. this makes carriers dirty and unhygienic. In this situation, a carrier needs to be sanitized as soon as possible. You might think you can clean carrier by water easily. So why this post is for? Remember washing with a dog carrier with water is not enough. be aware of this.
Clean a Dog Carrier
We are here to give you  an easy solution by which you clean your dog carrier. Follow the steps which are written below:

What we need to Clean a Dog Carrier:

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Clean a Dog Carrier
Clean towel1
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Clean a Dog Carrier
Brush(Toilet Brush)1
Lysol Bowl Brush with Rim Extension and Caddy
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Clean a Dog Carrier
Disinfecting Solution25 mlClear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution
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Clean a Dog Carrier
Soap1Tide Pods Free and Gentle Detergent
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Clean a Dog Carrier
Spray Bottle1Proforce Commercial Spray Bottles
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Clean a Dog Carrier
Hot water1 BucketAPI 5 Gallon Heated Flat Back Bucket
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Instruction(How to clean a dog carrier):

  • Clean your dog carrier carefully. Remove all small piece of food, binding and litter box from a carrier.
  • Scrub full carrier with Soap and water, the first process of Disinfecting
  • Fill the Bottle with Disinfecting solution & mix the liquid Properly. Then Spray this liquid all over the carrier. Make sure that  liquid reaches the every inch of the carrier.
  • Scrub the carrier with the brush mostly the carrier floor & sides. Then Spray Disinfecting solution again through the carrier & leave this for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse the carrier properly for 2 times.
  • Dry the carrier properly. It better if you use sunlight for drying. before putting your dog inside it makes sure there is no sloppy part in the carrier.
  • Always give fresh water food & bedding for your dog. Give him a toy if possible.

Tips & instruction:
  • Sometimes some most dangerous germs grow in the carrier. It can create hard disses for your dog. So make sure you spreads Disinfecting solution through the cage.
  • Vinegar & baking powder can help for cleaning. But Disinfecting solution should be used for proper output.
  • Never use ammonia. Its smell is similar to urine. That can make your dog pee outside of litter box.

Some preparation:
The natural call can have occurred at any time. So it throws us some awkward moment while traveling in bus, train, airplane. In this situation, you can't hide your face. It is so awkward when someone notice that this shitty smell coming from your bag. In this case, some emergency cleaning needed. So it preferable to carry some emergency tool while traveling bus, train or airplane with your dog. The list is shown below.
  • Plastic bag
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Extra bottom pad
  • Sponge
  • Rubber hand gloves
  • Air freshener

So what are u thinking?? Cleaning of a carrier is so easy?? Ya easy but have some complexity. You can do it on your own. In the other hand, you can send your dog carrier in some cleaning shop or hire someone for doing this.