Sherpa Sport Duffle Dog Carrier Review

The Sherpa is a well know dog carrier company by the Quaker pet group. Quaker pet group ensures your dog's comfort and safety in every way. So Sherpa is your best choice for the dog on the go. There is a collection of Many durable soft and comfortable pet carriers from Sherpa for every breed of  dogs. Also, Sherpa was the very first dog carrier company to endorse by most airlines with Guaranteed On Board security.
Sherpa Sport Duffle Dog Carrier
Sherpa Sports Duffle is made for sporty, veterinarian approved duffle dog carrier which is in bag style with easy to use and durable enough to make sure it's perfect for any types of travel whether it's a long journey or a walk in the street. The sports duffle dog carrier by sherpa features great build quality, what a customer really looks for in dog carrier.The nylon exterior which the carrier mostly used to get the amazing build quality the carrier has to offer is super water resistant, so you don't have to worry about leakage on a walk. There is sufficient ventilation to make sure your dog feels comfortable and the ventilation is protected by  mesh panels. The ventilation ensures maximum airflow and viewing angle so your dog can enjoy the surrounding around him while there is essential air flowing inside to keep your dog cool. 
The product  gives you necessary entry to let your dog enter from anywhere they want. The locking zippers on the entry points can be opened to make the path from the top or either both sides to simply put your dog in the carrier or let them get inside themselves.Interior pads can be removed making it easy to clean and machine washable. Small things like a walking leash, some treats for your little buddy or other essential can be a pain to carry around in your pocket. But Sherpa Sports Duffle Dog Carrier features a zippered pocket on both sides for storage, so you can carry those small things around with the dog carrier easily anywhere you go. Also, you don't have to worry about the shoulder pain which can be caused by carrying the carrier for a long time, because a convenient shoulder strap is included with the carrier free of charge. 
Other than that, You can find bungee cord on the side over pocket for keeping a water bottle there.
Now if you are asking what this carrier features for ensuring your loving dogs safety? Well, you can find the reflective silver trim which can be enough to make sure you dog travel around with you safely. Being approved for use on many airlines, Sherpa Sports Duffle Dog Carrier is one of the great product out there for traveling with your dog on the go. But I would recommend you to check your airline before making any decision, cause some airline might have different requirements for allowing dog carrier. But I can give you guaranteed on board securement on the airlines which are Delta, U.S airways, American Airlines, airTrain, UNITED, Southwest, Alaska Airlines with Sherpa Sports Duffle Dog Carrier.

Now let's see why people are liking Sherpa Sports Duffle Dog Carrier?

Most people like the product for its great fit, sturdy and fashionable design. Getting onto airplanes without any extra effort is also one of the great points people loves so much in Sherpa Sports Duffle Dog Carrier. Rather than seeing it as a dog carrier some people prefer seeing it as a gym bag, well it designed such a way that it can be seen as a gym bag anyway. Also, the dog carrier is semi-flexible on the top. The mesh is strong enough to withstand your dogs scratching. People who got Sherpa Sports Duffle Dog Carrier are saying that it's the perfect pet carrier they were looking for. 
Sherpa Sport Duffle Dog Carrier

Product Features about Sherpa Sports Duffle Dog Carrier:

  • Nylon exterior which is water resistant
  • Three-way entry from top or either side
  • For safety, Reflective silver trim
  • Easy to clean, Machine washable
  • Side pockets with locking zippers
  • Side bungee cords
  • Ventilation with mesh window
  • Easy storage because Collapsible
  • Shoulder straps which are adjustable
  • Auto use seat belt straps included
  • Many Airline approved with Guaranteed on board

Sherpa Sports Duffle Dog carrier is eighteen inches in length, eleven inches in weight and ten and a half inches in height. The carrier itself is 2.9 pounds and scored a good rank in amazon pet carriers. Can be found in red, black and sometimes blue color. 

Sherpa Sports Duffle Dog carrier is perfect for any medium sized dog up to 12lbs. Not only dog but it's also suitable for cats too. So overall one great product which offers superior quality and features.